Spring / Summer 2013

This unique limited edition Spring/Summer 2013 collection incorporates Thelma Herzl’s stunning pictures of ash patterns into a range of exclusive garments. Marc Stone’s Spring Collection is a journey to the unpredictable Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. Places of pure and rough nature in a state of serenity and calm - after the eruptions have ceased.

The Summer Collection features a minimalistic, effortless look with loose items and structured jackets. It’s a strong, pure, and spirited collection that enhances the feeling of the movement. The fluid silhouettes appear in a dramatic palette of ashes and natural environment. Neutral colours like clean white and soft sand contrast with cement, dusty grey, steel, and blacks creating a unique play of shades. Marc Stone’s Spring Summer collection is urban and minimal. It's fabrics and design reflects the infinite variety of the ash formations that spur a quiet but equally profound dialogue between humans and nature.